About Intelligence Transfer Centere

ITC is a leading South African research and development company headquartered in Johannesburg, and has regional offices in Durban and Namibia, with the key function of offering thoroughly researched Conferences, Live Stream events, Workshops, and In house training for various industries. ITC started its operations 2007 and executes over 42 conferences and workshops annually, both local and international.

 ITC is MICT SETA accredited and a level 1 B-BBEE company which believes in closing the knowledge gap across the Public and Private sector through creating platforms for people  to gather and exchange ideas in the form of conferences or in-house training.

The organisation prides itself on sharing international best practice and every conference connects delegates with international leaders and leading brands within their respective markets

Started its operations 2007

Over 100 events

Level 1 B-BBEE company

Locally & international


ITC’s vision is to promote the skills development and training agenda throughout the continent by providing responsive and sustainable training interventions aimed at bridging the skills shortages and gaps in the working class.


Our events present your brand with the opportunity to access your direct target market and to interact with industry professionals. We understand the importance of lead generation and our conferences will bring you a host of compatible customers in your journey of building brand loyalty.